Displacement Modifier Jagged Edges

Hi, Im having problems with the displacement modifier. Im getting these jagged edges along my pattern, seen in the image, I need to 3D print this model and in order to do so I need these edges smoothen so I can later on sand the print and cast it without jagged edges. Subdivide modifier is at 5 and I cant go any higher. Anyone know a fix?

Your heightmap bitdepth or resolution is to low. Use a 32bit one whenever possible.

If you need it only for baking purposes, crank it up as high as possible. Also remember that not every tool in Photoshop is able to work in a 32bit workflow and uses 8bit internally.

Thank you! I’ll change the resolution and see if that does it.

Ok that did not fix the problem, its still occuring after changing the picture to a 32bit with a resolution of 4096 x 4096. Ive added the blender file with the bump image, does anyone know how to fix this problem without bumping the subdivider to 6? That’ll be great! Hexagon Pattern.blend (627.6 KB)

Hi there. Can you try blurring the image slightly so the edges can create a softer shape? Also, did you use “auto smooth” on that mesh?

Actually, I don’t think that will help. I had to subdivide two times to get some good results.

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I had a look on the image in the dropbox viewer only, since i have no photoshop on this pc currently. Just converting the image has the same effect as before.

If you zoom to a level of 500% and above, your will start to notice what happened on the black > white transition. Your eye may hardly notice it, but for a software that looks like the rocky mountains.

The way to challenge it, is using tools that uses the full 32bit bandwith on operations. For aliasing a slight blur can help too. UV stretching can increase the effect, too.

List of Tools that uses more then 8bit range in Photoshop (depends on the version):

It’s fine, I found the fix! I only had to subdivide 1 more. Thanks for all the help!