Displacement modifier + video texture + YafaRay animation problem

I’m using Blender 2.49b an i’m trying to render an animated pin art model using a surface with a displacement modifier and a video texture. I want to render it in YafaRay (ver 0.1.1), but when I start the animation render, the surface doesn’t change it’s shape, instead it stays with the last shape(frame of the texture) from before the start of the rendering. It’s like the modifier doesn’t update at the new frames.

I’ve tried splitting the frames of the video to individual images and loading it as a sequence, but no change.

Has anyone had such a problem? Can you help me, please?

Did you set Auto refresh in the texture settings?

Yes I did. The animation works inside the blender interface, the surface changes shape as it should, everything is ok while played in the interface. But when it renders in YafaRay as an animation the surface doesn’t update. :frowning:

I have successfully used image sequences as a texture for Yafaray animation, but never via the displacement modifier. If I remember rightly yafaray won’t use a movie as a texture, but will use an image sequence. (I seem to remember also there was a Blender bug that meant I had to first enable a movie, then replace it with an image sequence.)

Possibly the exporter doesn’t check to see if the modifier has been updated. You should post this at yafaray.org either as a bug report or as a feature request:-

If you feel like testing it first, try running the animation for a few frames with the movie also enabled as a diffuse texture. If the image updates, but the modifier doesn’t, its a bug…or a missing feature. :slight_smile: