Displacement node issue

I need for help for an issue that I could not figure out for days!
I am trying to create procedural rock texture for an ancient structure model with displacement node setup. (displacement method: disp and bump)

This is roughly the model I’m looking for. But it has uv projection from view so it starts to get distorted when I move the camera.

After that I tried smart uv project. And here is the result. It gets buggy.

When I connect displacement node (in both uv projection method), all edges breaks apart.

How should I use disp node and uv project to solve the problem?
I would be really appreciated if you help me! :slight_smile:

Do you have faces separated from each other? Go into edit mode, and choose vertex/remove doubles.

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Yes, it looks like that I suppose. But all vertices are welded.

Can you not just ignore UV Project from View and just unwrap it normally/manually?

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Oh I get it now! as if you are working with image texture…
I always think procedural textures don’t need proper uv mapping…which is quite silly :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot !

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UV mapping technique shouldn’t matter that much in my opinion. Did you try smooth shading instead of flat?

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Yes!! that’s the trick !
Teşekkürler Emir hehe

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