Displacement not working as expected

I’m experimenting with detailing using textures. Right now I want to displace a zipper pattern on a jacket using a black and white texture (found it on google images). Everything works fine except that it does not displace the actual geometry. I’ve tried adding math nodes and subdividing the mesh but it stays as a bump map.
The render engine is set to cycles and under material settings the displacement is set to ‘displacement only’ but it still does not work. I’m using blender 2.8a.
Here is a screenshot of my scene:

In the material settings you need to switch the surface options from bump to displacement -


I did that already. Its not working

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Here’s my personal checklist for render-time displacement (click for the full image):

It did not work unfortunately

Could it have something to do with the scale of your scene and/or the node settings for the displacement strength? In your screenshot you’re multiplying the Zipper input image by 44. That’s a lot. You should set the strength in the Displacement node.

yeah it was initially set 1 one but then I changed the math node value and displacement values but no visible displacement that is why it has high values.

Do you have the Node Wrangler add-on activated? If it’s activated you can Control+Shift+click on a node to see its output if you set your 3D view to Rendered. This way you can check if the texture is correct.

What you could alternatively try is performing the displacement on your object using a Displace modifier (setting the displacement method to UV). The displacement won’t be as detailed as Cycles render-time displacement (depending on your object’s polygon density), but you can check if the displacement is correct.

Thanks it does displace in in 3d rendered view. How come it does not displace shading/material view?

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Shading and Material view use Workbench / Eevee for display. Those realtime rendering engines don’t support render-time displacement, only Cycles does (in Experimental mode).


you can flip it into normal, and the bump will showed