Displacement of Dupliverted Objects

Hello! I just started working on an animation for my biology class that illustrates the functions of a cell membrane. My plan was to create a grid, displace it with a marble texture and change the Zofs to make it look like it’s all wavy and such, then use dupliverts to stick the membrane molecules on it. What I need it to end up looking like is a bunch of yellow spheres moving up and down like waves of the ocean.

Well, I can get it to work perfectly on the wireframe grid, but when I duplivert my molecule to the grid, the molecules do not move as I had hoped they would. Maybe I’m just crazy, but when you displace verticies, it seems like anything parented to those verticies should move, too.

Right now I’m using a shape key (created by clicking the noise button a bit) to get the wave effect, but it looks terribly lame compared to the wavy wireframe grid I had earlier.

Is this just a missing feature in Blender or is there some way to make dupliverted objects move based on the displacement texture of the parent object?


Use a Displacement Modifier with a Cloud texture or somesuch. Set the Direction to Z and the Texture CoOrdinates to Object. Use an Empty as the object and Keyframe that Empty to move (instead of a ShapeKey).

I tested it and the Dupliverted spheres do move.


Thank you, sir! I didn’t think of using a displacement modifier.