Displacement of rivets doesn't show depth

I am following a tutorial here:https://youtu.be/lgB7fo3mgjQ He uses Photoshop to the create rivets. I used Inkscape. Although I plan to resize and move the rivets on my submarine, I don’t get a three dimensional look of the rivets on my submarine when I connect the image node to the hue and saturation node to the displacement connector on the material output node like shown in in the tutorial. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I know I can use the non-color data with another image texture node, but I didn’t see any difference doing that.

Blend file: http://www.pasteall.org/blend/37133


Despite the socket name, material output displacement defaults to bump map. You could use bump node connected to shader(s) instead.

But it is working, the lights and using the same image for color just hide the effect

Bump map should be grayscale and that’s what the hue saturation node does in between, as well as gives some adjustment with the value slider

Although actual bump map would be grayscale where value 0.5 is no change, values over would come away from the surface and values below would go in.

Thanks for responding. I made separate gray scale and normal map images in Gimp. I get the effect without the color. But when I add the color, the depth disappears. Maybe it’s my lighting.

It wasn’t the lighting. I had to watch the tutorial yet again. I maybe had the material nodes messed up.