Displacement Texture Wiggles?

Hey everyone,

So I’m having sort of a weird problem. I’m using a noise texture to displace the skin on an orange, trying to keep it from being a little too round.

Anyway, I went to run a softbody simulation and noticed that my displacement was dancing around. It made it look like there was something writhing underneath the skin of the orange. Very disturbing.

Does anyone know why my displacement might be moving around without having animated my uvs or anything?

I’m attaching a copy of my project file with the simulations taken off, just hit play and you’ll see the orange start freaking out. OrangesWithWigglingDisplacement.blend (1.24 MB)

The noise textures does at its name implies, it adds noise which changes between frames. You need to use another type of procedural texture which does not change with a frame change