Displacement via Material - Scale Problem

I am trying to follow this tutorial: https://cgcookie.com/lesson/snow/ to create a snow material. Here is an image from the tutorial of the intended effect:

However, I am running into a problem creating displacement via the material. My .blend is here:

I am using noise textures to produce the fine-grained displacement characteristic of fluffy snow. The texture itself looks fine:

but when I come to render, the displacement is mysteriously much larger scale (coarser) than expected. Here is an example render:

The underlying subsurf is much finer than the structure shown in the render. Does anyone have an idea what the problem is here?


Bumping this.


Is this better…??

I changed the last noise texture node from 1000 to 1.

I think you have been confused because…Blender don’t show the changes made in node editor…Before You rerender…Render again…??

Change render viewport to solid and render again…To see changes.


Sorry, no.

That node with the 1000 scale is mean to be the really fine structure of the snow - it is the part of the texture which does not get displaced correctly.

Also, yes I am aware of the need to refresh the viewport to see displacement changes.

Thanks for the suggestions!

You can´t apply the displacement modifier, leave it where it is, then it works fine.

I’m not trying to ‘apply’ it.

What do you mean by ‘leave it where it is’.

Can you show me how ‘it works fine’?

You have over 1 million tris on one Suzanne, so I supposed you have applied the modifier, also your modifier list is empty.

Try this:
1 make a new Suzanne,select it
2 STRG + 2 (Subsurf with Level 2), check adaptive
3 apply your material