Displacement with annyoing rings


I’m experimenting with the Displacement Mod and HeightMaps. I have creat a HeightMap in Photoshop (with clouds filterfor the mountains). But I also want some hills. So I uses my soft bursh in gray and painted on black, but I got annyoing rings. How can I fix this?
I changed the NonColor to sRGB and it looks a bit better, but then, my mountans are too pointed.
HELP :slight_smile:


It looks like you are using a .png for your displacement, Is it a 16bit or 8bit .png?

You may have better/smoother results with something like a 32bit .EXR

Hope that helps.

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Guessing you’re using the “experimental” adaptive subdivision?

That does not need a displacement modifier - just the material settings:

Couple of things to improve quality of displacement map…

Use 32-bit Float

Shade smooth:

… you still want to stick with “non-color” data:

No rings:

Good luck.

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Yes, it was 8bit. I Changed to 32 bit and *.exr but the resoult is like the sRGB (pointed mountains).

I also tried the expermimental + Sub. But this looks odd.

In both situations, the rings are still there :frowning: (yes, I shaded Smooth)

When you say you changed it, did you redo it?

8 bit to 32 bit conversion will still be 8bit in 32bit space, try a blur or gausian blur or redo in full 32bit with a paint program.


Use EXR 32 bits and also check your scale and your transformations.

Where did you make those displacement maps? Blender or substance or Zbrush ?


This was a good hint. I added a Gaussian Filter (with 4), but now it looks like wax.

Maybe it will be helpful to share my file :slight_smile:

I think you need to redo yr Heightmap in full 32bit.
You need to have more information in yr noise.

Heres a musgrave texture, set to displace, see the difference?

I think I found my problem.
I started a new HeightMap in Photoshop in 32bit. Last step was the Gaussian filter. That’s the result:

Then I undo the Gaussian and got this result:

It looks so much better, also no rings, but in the 8 bit, the mountains look a bit more realistic (in the sharpness)

Side question:
Can I bake/ save/ export or something else my displacement as a match for sculping?

Also, be sure to use .5 as a Standard value for no movement and white values to pop it out

You can check out ANT landscape (included in Blender addon)
It has a lot of noise settings, then you can bake a texture from this.

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