Displacement with high quality


in the Substance designer’s viewport, displacement occurs with high quality and with cut edges.
follow image:

is it possible to get this great result in cycles?


in substance designer you have these two options, from image, to relief:
are these features available in the blender?


Nope. Parallax occlusion isn’t built into blender.

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which one has more quality?
which is lighter?
Parallax occlusion ?
displacement ?

are these parallax occlusion addons for blender of good quality?

displacement is available in blender, right?
do you know tutorial about displacement?


I know that Google has a bunch of displacement tutorials, you should ask them.

Parallax occlusion mapping is probably lighter that displacement. Displacement requires a lot of geometry and can be very heavy. It also can look really good too.

Ask Google about parallax occlusion mapping in blender too. There are some node groups, but they are pretty heavy.

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There is no parallax occlusion made ready but it can made with node setup, and there are a lot of material how to do that, like here: https://blenderartists.org/t/parallax-occlusion-mapping-and-pom-rooms-in-blender/1326469

Displacement works and displacement has better quality. Just connect displacement map in node setup and add enough subdivision. It requires very heavy geometry, so you may like to do this kind of cube by adding simplify modifier after subdivision, apply modifiers and then remove displacement.

Normal map is faster solution and it is often used if geometry is too complex.

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so is it more appropriate to model instead of using parallax because of heavy processing?

is it heavier than normal maps used as a bump ?


Full geometry model requires more resources but it is most accurate, parallax occlusion doesn’t require as much. Normal maps are fastest.

In my workflow, I use geometry displacement together with normal maps and keep geometry density 1/8 lower than normal map.

Example, if I got plane with 4096x4096 normal map, it works well with 512x512 resolution geometry displacement. Best of both methods while too much geometry is not usually good thing. I haven’t use parallax occlusion to say it disadvantages. Just seen used in games. I believe it is good alternative some cases.

so is parallax faster than heavier modeling, with a lot of detail, at least for objects a little further away?

Do you have a suggestion for a great quality parallax addon?

in parallax use cases:
what does he use the most on the video card? memory? or processing ?


I’m not sure, light direction may affect that. In my workflow, I adjust texel density related to distance and use normal maps and use displacement geometry too but 1/8 resolution and that gives good results.

Nope, it is too simple to do myself.

Shader is likely slow to draw pixels but it should be memory efficient and work simple geometry, but it may be affected to how to light scene. I consider it alternative to normal map + displacement map.