Hi everbody,

this is my latest artwork, called “displacement”.

As always done in Blender, renderd in Cycles, Postpro in Gimp. Original size is 4961x7016 (for canvas print purposes).

No animals were harmed during this project.

Comments and Critiques are welcome!

Wow awesome work, 5 stars from me.
I would love to see a raw image of the scene.

I like the disorienting, surreal atmosphere (at least that’s how I perceive it at the moment)! Keep up the good work.

I like this one :slight_smile:

It’s impressive! Well done! :slight_smile:

i love the story it tells in my mind. something like some guys rolling dices and one of them cheats. they fight and one of them hits the other with the fish.

Fantastic work, even though my mind struggles to make sense of anything in the scene.

Hi Guys,

thank you so much for those nice comments !

Here are some 100% Crop images from the original sized file:

This is the raw render of the room before compositing:

And the image of the fish. it is shot with a nikon D3200. Original Size is 6000x4000:

then the fish was cut out, colorcorrected and placed into the room image. The rest is color grading, shadow fixing, a little soft glow, adding several dust and grunge textures.

Thanks for watching!

To me it tells some story from Tim Powers’ imagination

oh, well that fish was harmed afterall :wink:

Well, as i wrote: “during this project”, not “for this project” - the fish was already dead as i bought it from the supermarket :wink:

To keep it all more weired you should know that i had the fish for lunch after i finished the shooting :evilgrin: