Displacements Blender 2.8 HELP!

dispacements test.blend (801.8 KB)
Hi there,
I’m trying out displacements and micro displacements in Blender 2.8. However it is changing my mesh considerably. I can fix the geometry by reducing the scale on the displacement node but then the actual displacement goes also. I’m wondering what is going wrong. Any help is appreciated. A before and after shot of model and rendered view. Photos include node setup for the displacement material and rendered and model view. I have experimental on and have set displacements to displacement only. Thanks.

Also on a side note. The scene takes a very long time to update the mesh and bvh thing before rendering (even in the viewport) and takes from 5 - 20 gb of memory.

Just on an initial view of the node setup, you have the exr file inserted twice, once with a UV vector input, the other wothout. I am not sure how blender handles this (whether it loads the image once, or twice), but this is not good node management.
Since it is the same image, I would suggest the following:

Then see whether there is any difference.
Also, if you have the adaptive subsurf on, try tweaking it a bit to not give so many subdivisiions.

EDIT: Also, a blend file would be really helpful…

Thanks for your suggestion I will try that. The blend file is in the description at the top.

Didn’t see any major problems, but none of the image files were included in the blend file. The adaptive subdivision is killing my system, so maybe set the maximum subdivision level (render settings) to something manageable (12 is a bit high - start low and increase it until your PC starts slowing down).

Also, get the camera setup to where you waant it, and then set the “Dicing Camera” (subdivision part of the render settings). This should keep the adaptive subdivisions fixed if you are moving the view in and out.

May also be helpful to try and add a few edge loops to make the faces more square, as it makes the subdivided mesh more even.

Thanks. That’s weird i packed the files. I will try the dicing and edge loops.