Display a single Object textured

hey guys,

is it possible to work in shaded mode but set one single object to textured somehow?
i’d like to display my ref images on a plane while working in shaded mode with all other objects.
right now i’m using an image empty for this but i’d like to be able to turn on backface culling for the ref images.

cheers christian

Set the viewport to Textured

Select the object you want to be viewed without the texture, and under Display > Maximum draw type > select solid.

and this is what you end up with.

you can also use matcap, but you have to go into solid view, enable and select witch shading you want, and then go back into textured view. dont know why, but ye… you can.

however, for referance images i recomend you to look into “background image”. it will only display the image while in front, side, or top view, And in ortographic view.

you can also view the referance while looking through the camera, so a cool trick is to lock camera to view. this way you can have it as background image while rotating in the viewport.

that background image stuff is awesome!
many thanks for the tip this is so much better :slight_smile: