Display an object's position with text

Hi, I’m trying to show an object’s global position using In-game text. What I basically want is to have an overlay scene with text updating to show the object’s X,Y, and Z coordinates as it moves. I know that its possible to print an objects coordinates in the console, but is it possible to show them on in-game text?

import bge
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own.sendMessage('Data', str(own.worldPosition))

this will send out a message that is your position

you then need this in text object
Message(subject Data)----------python

import bge
own = cont.owner
sensor = cont.sensors['Message']

if sensor.positive:

I tried that, but I’m a bit of a noob at python. I saved both scripts with the .py extension, and set up my logic, but it didn’t display the cords. I saved the first script and attached it to an “always” sensor on my object. then I attached the second scrpit with a “Message” actuator and “Data” as the subject. But all that happened was the text appeared and remained normal.

I will shoot you a file :slight_smile:


OverlayRecieveMessage.blend (464 KB)

Oh, thanks very much! I’ll close the thread now, the blend showed me how.