Display but not select mesh (like layer in photoshop)

Hi , i have 2 objects,i want to display both of them ,
but when i select the vertices ,mesh it only select the vertices, mesh on object 1
while blender still display the mesh of object 1 and object 2 ( like layer in photoshop )
Please tell me how to do that
Thanks alot


in the Outliner there are 3 Buttons for each element, that can be compared to the Layerbuttons in Photoshop or Gimp.
The Eye makes an Object visible / invisible. With the Arrow unchecked an Object can not be Selected. And with the Camera icon
you can select if the Object is excluded in Renders or not.

If you make an Object unselectable and set wire in the Display tab for it, then you will see the Topology but can’t manipulate it with the mouse anymore.
The Tranparency checkbox makes shure that the 3D-Viewport uses the Alpha Value of the Material for transparency. However this seem only to work in Object mode. If anyone know how to set transparency in Edit mode please let me know.

Is this what you where looking for?

I think you’re trying to manipulate two objects at once in edit mode, the only way to do this is by joining the objects, try selecting both meshes and pressing ctrl + J, to make the two meshes into one. this should allow you to edit both at the same time.