display camera borders (fov)


i am new to blender and i am wondering if there is a possibility
to display the fov borders of the camera in a normal window (not watching
from camera the camera itself)

i am rendering sprites (top down view) for a space game and the rendered
motive should use the space of the image the best it can. so i need to
know where the camera borders are to make the models fit without rendering,
resizing, rendering and so on.

when using the camera view (0 on numpad) the displayed borders arent
matching the rendered image. dont know it it has to do something with rendering
in orthogonal view.

I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I hope this helps:

Set any 3D-view to a camera view with Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 0.
When you’re in camera view, you can view exactly the border as it will be rendered by turning on the button Passepartout in the Render buttons (Output tab).

No, there is no immediate way to see the fov outside of camera view.

Only workaround could be to make camera BIG (you can, in editbuttons)

but I’m not sure you’ll like it

THe fov in camera view is outer dashed rectangle!


May be this will help a little:

Go to the Render-Panel and activate “Paspartout” on
the “Output” subpanel.

In cameraview you will see everything in fov normal
bright and evrything else darkend.

Keep blendering!

yeah that passpartout indicates that the outer border in cam view is the
border of the image… and it resizes automatical when changeing the
output imageformat
it does its job and is… well, better than nothing


I am happy of being of help!

Happy blendering!

Here’s a nice trick I’ve used:

  • Move the mouse cursor aways away from the camera (the further the better, but further than the edge of the scene is excessive).
  • Go into camera view and move the cursor to the center of the view.
  • Add a plane. Move and Scale it so it (as accurately as you deem necessary) exactly fills the view.
  • Leave edit mode and select the camera, S->Cursor to Selection.
  • Select the plane again and enter edit mode, E to extrude, Esc to cancel the move, Alt+M->At Cursor.
  • Then select all with A, X->Faces only.
  • Leave edit mode, and with the cursor still on the camera, select the mesh and click “Centre Cursor” in editbuttons.
  • Shift+Select the camera and Ctrl+P to make it the parent.