Display custom properties from property tab to addon

I have an object I made custom properties for in the properties tab. (those are drivers for settings in a nodegroup).
I want to use these properties in an addon because that is easier to find.

The tool tip shows:

And the info-panel shows for this item:
bpy.context.object.["BumpStrength"] = 0.02

I tried several ways to include this in my addon in this Class, but got all the time an error for example that GlobalColors is not an attribute or other errors.

The code I want to have it in is;

# Menu - Global Shader
class ADD_PT_globalshader(bpy.types.Panel):
	bl_space_type = "VIEW_3D"
	bl_region_type = 'UI'
	bl_label = 'Global Shader'
	bl_category = 'NMS' 

	def draw(self, context):
		layout = self.layout

		box = layout.box()
		row = box.row()
		box.label(text="Find settings in Collection 'GlobalColors', Object Globalcolors, Object tab, Customer Properties")

For now I am guiding the user to the properties-panel but that is not so userfriendly. Any idea how to code it? If it is not possible, is it then possible I make a button that opens up the custom properties panel?