Display Driver Crash on CPU Render

My Nvidia display driver keeps crashing on my CPU render (yes… “C” PU). I’ve been rendering this with my GPUs just fine but decided to submit a frame to Pixel Plow. Pixel Plow has been rendering this one frame for over an hour and I was thinking that’s crazy long so I switched mine to render on the CPU and keep getting a display driver crash.

I’m on Win10 Pro with the latest Nvidia driver (368.39) and am running on a i7-5930 @ 3.50GHz with 32 GB RAM (no overclocking on anything). I have 4 cards, a gtx970 and 3 gtx780s but again, the only issue I have is during CPU render.

I can’t seem to upload my scene (it’s 113MB so that might be too big for PasteAll) so there’s not much to go on here. :frowning:

Thanks for any help…

Strange! I just changed my tiles from 64 to 128 and it’s rendering fine now. :spin: