Display issue, help (2.8)

there’s some kind of bug in the latest 2.8 builds were stuff doesnt display in rendered/ lookdev
anyone know a way to get around it? maybe some kind of setting I missed?
or do I have to go back to the version were it works
(I would like to be able to use that alt+b hiding hing and it’s broken in the version I’ve been using)

I’m not sure if I’m right because your screen is clipped and I can’t see the whole thing, but maybe you are in cycles and and the render preview is paused?
like this? image

nope, that’s not it

We can play the guessing game for a long time, Can you share a reduced blend file? Perhaps just a scale, we don’t need the whole dragon.

testing it out more, it seem the isuue shows up in even just a basic default file for me, even just a default cube isn’t showing up in renderd or lookdev. I’m staring to think this is just a basic bug and not something I can work around

Same issue here, yesterdays 2.8-odd its been the same for the last 3 downloads.
but works fine on the 5/6 version.

curious myself,as to what causes this.still using the build from 5/6 works great.
it is still beta so…

yeah also usig that build, it’s just a bummer alt+b doesnt work there

todays build (18th) works again