Display Land app

So the Display Land app (that i found through a CGMatter video) creates a 3D model automatically. But it does it based off of pictures. My thing is, I want a 3D model of myself where i talk, and Display Land isn’t going to generate the inside of my mouth, teeth, etc. I’m thinking i would be able to use the model Display Land gives me and then model the inside of my mouth myself (extruding in from the lips)? That would be the only solution?

Depending on the quality you want from the model, and how nice you want for it to deform, it would be best if you retopologize the mesh that is created by the app. Then you can add the inside of the mouth, ect in the retopology… It’s more work, but will be the best option, otherwise you can do just what you already mentioned. And may I suggest you could also use Meshroom. Meshroom will probably give you much better quality results. (Probably)

The thing about display land though… Is your model if you decide to export it, is instantly uploaded to their social network… I’m a little worried how many people that are going to use it and upload their face to it… It’s their choice I suppose, but… I don’t know, feels weird.

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