display normals of mesh face with color


is there a way, to display the normals of faces with colors? Using the ‘Draw Normals’ in the mesh tools more is working, but it is not useful for a quick general view with a lot of small faces. If one can color the face in correspondence with the normals would be much easier to recognize!?
Does this work somehow?

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Try using this texture mapped to the objects normal coordinates with an opengl texture preview.



thanks for the hint! … now, I have to understand, how to map this :slight_smile:
I will take a look.

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Itm would be nice to paint normal like we want but no yet available in blender i guess

@ Ben

can you upload a sample file cause i don’t udnerstand at all what you mean with this oicutre
to show normal on faces ?


use lighting(scene lighting) for a simple method…

you can do this simply with this way:

from where do you get the color on suzanne face?


look at the right of the linked image; i mapped the normals to the color-slot. no fancy tricks involved :wink:


[edit: enable glsl and switch to the textured viewport shading]

gsls i don’t think this is working for the vid card i have i think
this was indicated sometimes ago that gsls does not work for all vid card!

can you upload a sample file so i can test it


GLSL support is required for this to work. There’s a list of cards that support it on the Blender release log.

This thread was not posted in the support section so users cannot attach scenes.


See the Blender wiki for info on using normals as the map input.

you mean this is only to show a color normal map

i know a way to do this directly with nodes

may be it’s the same think and don’t need gsls for this!

i touhg hw wanted to see more color per normal
but if it is the standard normal color then it’s ok i guess