Display normals with curve in edit mode 2.80 Beta

Is the option for display normals on a curve in edit mode is missing with 2.80 Beta?

These the normals you are talking about?

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Thank you so much! Was the only spot I didn’t check.

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No problem. It had me curious so I had to open up and take a peek myself. :slight_smile:

Was not where it should be according to 2.80 user manual…

Yeah they are constantly changing things, at the first page of the manual it mentions

“Blender Manual is being updated in preparation for 2.80 release. This is work in progress. Various sections of this manual have not been updated, or they are updated only partially.”

So until the RC is out I am sure there is going to be a lot of pulling hairs out referencing the manual as what they have listed is in fact not right during the current beta release versions.

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The screenshot from the manual is from 2.7x, so I guessed the feature was to be added. I was stuck with that idea b4 asking it here.