Display problem with blenderplayer, not with Blender


I am using blender 2.57B and linux Ubuntu 64 bits

I have a strange problem with blenderplayer only: the fullscreen display gives an anamorphose in the height, as if I had a setting of 60%
No problem with the width.

If I press “P” in Blender, the camera gives the wanted display.

A sample script here
with this file, you can generate an exe file.

I really did search, I do not find.

Of course, if I open a new project, redo the same scene, it works, with - apparently- same settings.

if I import the whole scene in a new project: same display problem.

Is there a hidden game engine setting for height and width, like in the rendering mode for 16/9 displays ?

Under the Blender Render mode (at the top of the Blender window), on the Render tab (camera) there is a width / height setting that carries over both to your camera in the 3D view, as well as the runtime. In addition, only the area that’s in the camera’s view frustum rectangle, not what’s visible onscreen is what is shown in the runtime.

This doesn’t appear to work or if it does im missing something else, for both scenes ive adjusted correct lens size, game resolution, render resolution, Window Scaling, it still does it. is this a glitch?

edit: Windows 7 x64, blender 2.57b, Nvidia 8800 GTS, 1680x1050 native resolution on first monitor, 1024x768 on second.

Thank you SolarLune, but this does not solve my problem, and I do know those settings:

orange is the camera limits

“P” gives what I want (I’ve shifted the background picture to show the world

Above is what I get with Blenderplayer.

Of course, if I do a new project, I get same view wtih blender AND blender player.

I try to find where the Y anamorphose is set in my project

I also use two monitors, one 1920x1200, the second one 1920x1080

What does not appear to work ?
my blender script or what you get with Blender compared to blenderplayer ?

Exactly the same height issue as sansblog switching between multiple scenes within blenderplayer, including scene overlays.

yes, CTBM, I’m using multiple scenes too.

One thing strange:
I open a new project. I append a scene that gives a height problem.
I link all the objetcs on the first scene: blenderplayer displays it at the right height, while the imported scene has a height problem in this new project.

Are we limited to one or two scenes with blenderplayer ?

As I could not find where the problem came from, I have made a new project, as described above.
Now, all my overlays and scenes display correctly in height and width.
I have also included 5 extra layers that work well, in case I need some more.

Nevertheless, I’d like to understand what happened.
Could it be due to work done with blender 2.5 alpha revisions ?

My project is still alive !

I know its a quick fix, i still wonder why blender player’s performance is terrible compared to Blenders inbuilt renderer.

I take my last comment back, i fiddled around with my GFX card settings in control panel. Windows 7 Can be a ballache at times. despite your hardware.

EDIT - nope, Still getting jerky playback , even though the framerate says even 60.

EDIT2 - I’ve just booted back into XP 32 / Ubuntu and the same application runs extremely smooth. I am officially stopping using Windows 7 for game development. Something about Nvidia & Windows 7 & OpenGL torments my Quadcore.

Edit3 - Ok after reinstalling 7 , Video Drivers , Quicktime, Blender 64 bit & python. my Game is golden. Back on track with development. :smiley: Can honestly say problem solved for sure.

just to elaborate, An easy way to fix this problem after doing some research without starting new projects, (The aspect ratio one BTW). When you create a new Scene, Do a “Full Copy” and delete all objects for your new overlay/Alternate scene. “New” is the option that resorts to the default Resolutions no matter what options you change.