Display problems with particle-system and hair

Hi all,

I’ve got the following problem.
I have a human model and added a particle system of type hair.
I made my settings and stuff, then I made it editable. I styled and cut the hair and all was fine but at some time when I entered the particle mode the hair was displayed x-ray (you know the same effect if you press the x-ray button in the object buttens menu).
I really can’t remember that i have pressed anything. And this problem is persistent! I’ve made new .blend files, I’ve deinstalled blender and I used different blender versions. The hair is still drawn x-ray (and the x-ray button in the object buttons menu isn’t pressed).
It’s really horrible to style the hair without seeing the face, you know :smiley:

So, does anyone know what to do? Maybe it’s a problem with the graphic card?
My blender version is 2.49a and my card Intel GMA 4500HD and OS is Vista


Its not your computer…I think you have to weight paint it.


No, sorry.
The hair is already on a weight painted vertex group and It happens also without weight painting. If you mean the hair weight paint in particle mode… this makes no difference too.
I really don’t know if this is a feature or a bug? Maybe It’s a z-buffer problem or something?
This happens only in particle mode. In any other modes (like object- or weight paint mode) the hair displays correctly.