Display text in 3D view next to an object

Hi there,
I looked through various boards and search engines but couldn’t find anything useful even if I think that my problem is rather simple and I’m pretty sure its solution is out there. But maybe you can still help me with it.

I’m writing a script that draws objects in Blender with leftclicks and everything (kind of Blender for dummies). Now I would like to display an object description next to certain objects. I found this site, where it is done with BGL (but I couldn’t get the script to work, let alone implement it in my code).

It would be nice if the text stays next to the object all the time. But I could also manually update it every once in a while. Or how could I link the function to the Blender’s Redraw function?

Now, is there a way to do this without script handlers (which I don’t know how to do)?
And if not, how could I implement it in my script without requesting the user to do anything else than loading it (as I said, Blender for Dummies)?

I’d be also more than happy about links to scripts/threads that already talked about that. I couldn’t find them…

Thank you all

I continued my research and found a little more about scripthandlers. Manually I can get them to work as I want. But I couldn’t find on the python console to what this script is linked (like other script links) to implement the revers in my code. Is there a way to enable scripthandlers via another python script?