display triangualar geometry

Is there a way to display the actual triangles of a model that are used by the rendere or when exported (eg. to .obj). When I select “drawtype” “wire” I see the faces but the actual triangles are abstacted away. We know every face consists of 2 triangles in realitly.

select all and press Ctrl + T to convert all quads to triangles

I wouldn’t want my model to be converted to triangles. That way I couldn’t keep on modelling. I am looking for some way to see the triangulated data (wich must exists even if I only have quads) without having to convert it to triangles first. Somewhat similar like in maya. Because I have to do a lot of very low poly stuff where every triangle counts I would like to check the outcome while I model.

No, there isn’t. Blender doesn’t really have fake quads made of double triangles. It sends actual quads to the rendering engine, and the rendering engine makes triangles out of them. This can vary according to the rendering engine you are using as well as the operating system. If you want the render engine to break the quad in a particular way, you’d have to make triangles in your mesh.
If you just want snapshots of possible triangulation as you work, make a copy of the blend file, triangulate it, and then go on working in the original file. But you still need to be aware that not every render engine behaves the same way, so when you’re done, you’ll want to triangulate the mesh before you export it, to avoid any surprises, especially with very low poly meshes.

Thanks, that makes sense.