Display UVs From Multiple Objects?

If I have multiple objects, who’s material points to the same texture, is it possible to keep the UV’s from one object displayed while I work on the UV’s of another object(in the UV editor)?
This way, I can better position my UVs on my texture grid.
Thank you,

You’ll have to join the objects with Ctrl+J. Position the UV islands then split them with P

Actually… as I only just discovered, you don’t need to do all that.
-when in edit mode and your UVs are displayed in the UV editor, look under view (UV editor) and select “Draw Other Objects”.
-Then exit edit mode and click on the other objects you want displayed, and pick the object you want to edit last, then enter edit mode, select all your vertecies and in the UV editor you should see your active editable UVs as well as the UVs of the other objects in a sort of template mode.
-pretty cool.