Display vertices in other modes

Hey all,

Is there any way to display vertex dots while you’re in object mode or other edit modes?

The particular reason is that I’m subdividing the edge of a polygon, but I can’t really see the result until exit edge mode and enter vertex mode. This feels a bit cumbersome, especially as you can’t (I don’t think) edit the number of subdivisions after you exit edge mode.

They best solution(s) I’ve come up with so far is to temporarily deactivate “create ngons” which will display the connecting edges. Or I can turn on developer options-display index, which will display the edge index numbers, which gives some indication of the resolution of the subdivision.

But it feels like I must be missing something; that this can’t be the way I’m supposed to do this. When you subdivide a straight line there must be some way of seeing what’s going on. Is there any way of displaying vertices during this process or, better still, displaying vertices permanently in a similar way to how you can display wireframe permanently using the overlay panel?

(Apologies this question ended up being a lot longer than I was expecting)

You can shift select Line mode and Vertex mode in Edit mode to select both- you can subdivide lines while seeing vertices this way


Thats absolutely perfect, thank you.

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