Displaying 3d Cursor coordinates in the 3d view possible ?


I know I can find the 3d cursor coordinates in the ‘N’ toolbar in the 3d view but I was wondering if it’s possible to display them directly in the 3d view (along the XYZ axis for example) ?
My need actually is to be able to assess quickly (at a glance) dimensions of objects, faces… and keep track of the scale in the 3d view. I find it hard at times when you zoom in/out to have an idea of objects dimensions and distances because of the grid that looks always the same at any scale.

Thanks !

set you unit as metric or English instead of blender !

and usualy there is a grid dimension show at top left of the viewport
or may be there is a user preference to add this effect !

happy bl

Thanks ! The grid dimension in the top left is a consequence of selecting ‘metric’. That’s useful ! :slight_smile: