displaying baked light maps

snailrose’s tutorial wasn’t online anymore but i found it in google cache:
is this still valid for 2.46? i followed the instructions but if i press p i don’t see both, the color maps and the light maps. does anybody have an idea? or could anyone post updated instructions?

I’m not sure if this is your problem,
but if you don’t have a new enough graphics card multi-texturing will not work.

what is your openGL version?

My team and I just ran into this problem last night (Clean3D was trying to set up a model with baked lightmaps in 2.46 for the first time). From what I can tell, there’s something wrong with the “Multiply” blend mode in 2.46 (also, “Add” and “Subtract” appear to be broken). If you set up the file in 2.45, and set the blend mode to multiply, then load it in 2.46, the file works fine. But if you make the file in 2.46, “Multiply” blend mode causes both the texture and the light map to disappear. I’ll report it to the bug tracker when I get home tonight.

For now, you can make your lightmaps work by using the “Color” blend mode instead of “Multiply.” As long as you did everything else right, it should work, and it will give you the desired result.


yes, there was also someone having the same problem on #gameblender

(my graphics card is to old for me to check)

This misbehaviour is cause by using “Use Alpha” in the Image-Texture. It seems this was not default set in former Blender versions. Without “Use Alpha” it all works as expected.


is this issue solved in blender 2.47?

I followed the tute and I was able to create a static lightmap in the scene by using Blender 2.47.

The devs saying that it is not an issue, so not solved :slight_smile: