Displaying Hotkeys during Mouse Over?

Is there a way to have hot keys displayed when my mouse is over an icon?
Right now all I get is some python thingie. It would help with the learning process if it would show the corresponding hot key.

For many functions if it has a hotkey it is also shown in the tooltip. If you are able to add a shortcut, right click over the tool button and add a shortcut.

Ok I didn’t notice that… but there are still a bunch of GUI buttons that don’t offer any hotkey info. For example… if you didn’t all ready know from previous versions that O turns on proportional editing, there doesn’t seem to be any other way to find that out. The button doesn’t show a hotkey, and the Mesh options at the bottom left of the view prot doesn’t give you any hotkey info.
I just wasn’t sure if I had some preference disabled or something.