Displaying Image Map on Plane

Hi -

I would like to display an image map on a plane. The intention is for a reference image as I develop a mesh.

I have figured out how to use an image as a background in a view, but that’s not quite what I wanted, since it disappears if I rotate the view at all.

I can also apply a image texture to a plane, but it only seems to appear when I render the image. I would like to keep the image visible as I am working on the mesh.

Pretty much a noob, so I may be overlooking the basics.


  • gromit

Try changing your draw type to “textured”



Hi -

Thanks for the responses.

  1. I have tried changing the drawtype but it does not help.

  2. I have also tried the tutorial link (which is very much oriented toward what I am trying to do). However, it seems like I either have to have both objects in textured mode (so I can see the reference image, but not through the model) or in wireframe (where I can see through the model to the reference, but then the image isn’t visible).

I am still running Blender 2.37, in case that matters.

I appreciate the assistance!

  • g

Set the mode to textured in the 3d window header. Then with the object selected F7->draw panel->wire. Your ref pics should still be textured and your object in wire frame.


That’s the ticket! Thank you for navigating me through the menus :slight_smile:

Many thanks!