displaying real movie in camera view? (as reference)

displaying real movie in camera view? (as reference).
does anyone know how to do this, im trying to build up an existing scene.

thx :slight_smile:

<LohnC> ok, get a plane or some inanimate 3d object, add a material, add a texture (image texture)… now, put in the movie like oyu would normally, set movie, the amount of frames, now delete the silly object
<LohnC> and go into background options, for ‘background image’ or whatever set it as a texture (little pop down menu) and select the texture
<LohnC> and kazam you now have a movie in background view, its kinda cool to mix it with a render and then put it in the same file :wink:
<job> could anyone answer the question in this thread? thx :slight_smile:

lol! :stuck_out_tongue: thanks :slight_smile:

btw, i didn’t say that after YOU sad that :wink:

check out this tutorial by weirdhat http://www.weirdhat.com/blender/compositing2/

he’s using a picture :slight_smile:

no hes not

LohnC it’s working! im now going to try to rebuild the scene, make an Ice texture, make an animated mask. Than i’ll apply that animated mask on the UV mapped Ice scene, and than it will “freeze” like in day after tommorow!

… well, that’s the plan :wink:

but im not going to join the FXwars- Big freeze, this is just gonna be a test :slight_smile:

he’s using a camera that doesn’t move, ok :stuck_out_tongue:

and even than he only used a picture as reference :slight_smile:

I used a picture, and then later I used a video. I explained both in the tutorial, and anyway it’s the exact same technique either way.

ok here’s what i’ve got so far. the keyboard need some work.


o, oops this isn’t a WIP forum, ok i’ll stop :wink:

[edit]little update rough scene is done now.

hm, can’t you just load an avi into the backbuffer?

Backbuffer? %| lol