Displaying scores


By this link you can download a tutorial, which teaches you how to display scores in Blender.

:wink: Good luck!

You should check the stickies before making any tutorials of your own.

Usually a tutorial has already been written.

I’m new and hadn’t read evrything, but I’ll pay attention at your words.
By the way, which tutorial do you mean?

greetings, 3DPokio

You’re a lucky guy!
You’ve got Social’s special treatment for new comers :slight_smile:

About the tut…euhh
Why don’t you make a tutorial about " How to get a date with Scarlet Johannson"?
No, I’m joking :slight_smile:

The doc format it’s not the good one, maybe…
Not in Linux at least
I’ve read it with Abiword and it looks a bit weird, but quite well done

:smiley: Thanks!

(Indeed, it’s written in Microsoft Word.)