Displaying the Blender window in Linux


I just recently installed Blender 2.42a for Linux (Debian) - and wonder how it is possible to keep the KDE menu line on screen while running Blender and/or changing size and position of the Blender window… any hints how to do that?

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If you start Blender with blender -w it will run in a window.

Window options:
-w Force opening with borders

-p <sx> <sy> <w> <h>
Open with lower left corner at <sx>, <sy> and width and height
<w>, <h>

Type ‘man blender’(without quotes) into a terminal, it should give a list of other command line options.

There should be a utility somewhere that allows you to configure what applications are displayed in the Applications menu. On Ubuntu (Gnome) it is System => Preferences => Main menu. You can left click on an application’s menu entry, and for Blender, change its properties from ‘blender -W’ to ‘blender -w’.