Displaying the size of an object

g’day I’m learning to use blender as part of my learning graphics programming in Direct X. To get my dodgey collision detection working I need to know the dimensions of an object in blender. Is there some way you can click on an object in blender and get it’s positional and dimensional information, ie (x,y,z) coordinates and its width, length and height ? I’m guessing it’s in there somewhere, but I cant seem to find it in the interface. Not that I’m knocking the interface it seems really powerful, just very unique which equals learning curve :rolleyes:

In the 3d view window header, Object/Transform Properties, hotkey “N”.


Thank you ! :smiley:

Also, check out the “Mesh Tools 1” panel in the Editing buttons window (F9). You may have to pan the window to see it (dragMMB), it’s located at the far right.

There are three options available:
Edge Length
Edge Angles
Face Area

This is only available while in the Edit mode and, you must have some part of the mesh selected. This works in all Select Modes (Verts, Edges, Faces).