Displaying vertex weight in object mode?

Hi. I am doing an animation using vertex weight proximity modifier. I would like to be able to visualize the vertex weights while in object mode in order to keep track of how the weights change while modifying the target.

I am using solid view with the vertex color active, still, I only see the mesh in solid mode.

Thank you

Thers was something here on BA lately : vector-weight-proximity.

Thank you. I am not really sure what is exactly the connection between the link you are sharing and my question.

Would you expand a bit further, please?

You wanna make the vertex weight proximity visible… and this thread is about using the vertex colors to do this…

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I thought the vertex viewport display did that. Thank you

No, you can see it in the Weight Paint mode, but you cannot move the target because… well it’s for painting. :frowning: … oh idea: does the animation play in weigth paint mode ???

mm yes it plays, but then i need to keyframe it for each interaction. Well at least I know is not possible with no workarounds. I will try one of the solutions someone shared in the link posted :slight_smile:

I think there is a weight to vertex paint addon somewhere,

Then you could view through vertx Col attribute in a material.

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