First time posting, looking for some Constructive criticism.


Welcome to Blender artists :slight_smile:
-initiating constructive criticism,please stand by.
It’s a cool idea,but the first model looks a bit flat,may be make it gray,and add some soft blurry spec.,I suggest “wardiso”,or a specular ramp.

-the second model is pretty cool, It could use some spec. too.
The candy has an awesome material,looks photo realistic :slight_smile:

-as for the scene I suggest some ray mirror on the floor,some spec,and arrange the lights,more like in a super market,I.e rows of point lights,with some blurry shadows.though setting them up right may take some time…
And add a texture to the wall too :slight_smile:

Hope I was useful :slight_smile:

First time posting, giving some constructive criticism :smiley:

The dark tones in the display on the left are way, way too black. Like, outer-space black. It’s eating up the image, and it’s not realistic, unless the display is covered in some kind of, like, black cotton cloth or something that is glued down to the surface. It looks like the display would be made of laminated cardboard or plastic, in which case it would have at least some gray diffuse, and a heck of a lot of specular reflection.
On the left, turn the shadow off the backlight, as the shadow in front makes the object LOOM. I would set the camera higher, and with a longer zoom; your choices here are contributing to the looming. The lighting and camera give it an office-building feel rather than a 1m object feel.

On the right, set the lights above the object so the shadows fall down on the floor. All of the lights seem to be sort of in the plane with the object, so it’s getting a kind of lit-by-candlelights effect, which totally clashes with the subject. Increase the light in the fill light (the one set in the same place as the camera) so the lowlights aren’t so dusky and obscured.

The mats on the candy and the display on the right are very nice, as are the boxes on the left.