Disrupted Nightmare - by a_slow_old_man


I made this model for a competition at a popular image reference website (Don’t know if I’m allowed to post a link because I… skipped over the license agreement [Yes… I know I shouldn’t do that]).
Anyway, here it is:

Hi and welcome to the forums! I can’t really give detailed C&C because I couldn’t look at the image without feeling uneasy, disturbed even. If that is your goal, then good work! :cool:

hehe thanks ^^

PS. I know about the teeths, I made them in a rush, thats why they are just a plate.

nice! scary too!

Ew, gross ~puke~

That means its great! :smiley: However, the left eye does not seem to have any proper material or shading applied to it, so it doesn’t blend in with the rest of the image.

I can’t give much critique as I couldn’t stare at it more than a minute :{ Uneasy, seriously :slight_smile: