Dissapearing top menu bar....please help

Many times this top menu dissapears, i have to click and drag it back up or toggle full screen off and then on. Blender 2.93.4

To me, the same thing happens when I open a rendering tab or when I try something difficult to digest for blender all together (spooky addons or misclick modifiers [why skin and solidify are so close]).
But it doesn’t happen that much,
are u incurring in this problem frequently? :slight_smile:

It happens every 5 minutes usually when toggling into edit mode or choosing a differet tab yes…

The only problem I can think off, is that maybe your viewport is too loaded, are you lagging much?
Try saving a copy and open that one or save and revert the project more often.
When I do long animations or big files, solutions like this help unfreeze some of the viewport bugs.

I found a cure, if it helps anyone else…I reset all blender settings and created a new default startup file. The problem is gone. It must have been a wierd thing that was in my startup file.