Dissecting a scene, how?

Hello Community! :slight_smile:
Okay, some may have seen (hopefully not lauhged at too much) my feeble attempt to model a landscapeā€¦since then, I have improved somewhat. I made a landscape consisting of 64 tiles (8 by 8) and now am in the process of UV texturing them. As the tutorial stated, it has become my favorite texturing mode. Iā€™d like to extract each tile to its very own blend file, to be further processed in that file, also makes for a more streamlined workflow where more people can work on their own tileā€¦
Is there a way to do that? I tried to append/link (possibly two completely different things/concpts) but it rendered the imported item uneditableā€¦
Thanks for helping out a newbee
Edit - what I CAN do (successfully apparently) is UV texture one tile, map that texture onto it and export the selected tile to Collada (some may not approve of Collada as format, but Iā€™ll need animation later on)ā€¦

You could try the Edit Linked Library addon http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Object/Edit_Linked_Library

Thanks Richard, Iā€™ll look at this right away :slight_smile:

lol WTF should we lough,everyone needs help sometimes,and everyone starts something the first time :).good luck