Dissertation Project Help - Authorship Credit Given Upon Solution

Newbie at blender - I am an anthropologist working on my dissertation. Seeking someone to help me develop a reliable (read: CONSISTENT) way to find the volume of this incomplete space on the distal femur. The space I reference is between the two round parts called condyles. I have tried this by making a convex hull, and through various means solidifying it & finding the volume of that object on Meshmixer but get different numbers each time I repeat this on the same 3D model. Unsure if I need to add an edge detection method or something. Can anyone help me with a more reliable method? Will give authorship credit on ALL future publications utilizing your method(s). I can provide .obj file(s) upon request. TIA

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Welcome :tada:
maybe blender isn’t the first candidat for such things… ?? There is for example MeshLab which does a lot of things with meshes…

Or use the 3D-Print-Toolbox addon (bundled with blender; have to enable…) to select your wanted part … but you have to make a copy of it and make it “closed” … (maybe convex hull is a bit too volumnous ??) :

main problem is to get close volume and non manifold
or volume won’t be valid

so use printer addon to analyse the mesh and see errors if any
then volume might be good

but looking at the model i can see some manifolds around
so you may have to split it in parts and close meshes then sum the volumes

happy bl