Dissing Plumiferos

OK, I think it’s fantastic that some people are creating a feature film using open-source software, and all the CG is fantastic - the character design, modelling and animation are faultless, but, well, I watched the trailer and the little script I heard is - well - obvious, witless unfunny, and unoriginal. This is only the trailer I know, but it really lets the whole thing down.

I agree. Although we have to remember that this movie is being “filmed” in Brazilian (or whatever they speak there, is it spanish?). So some things are lost in translation.

I think Brazil speaks a dialect of Portuguese. Also I thought Plumiferos was being made in Argentina, where they do speak Spanish (IIRC).

Anyway, I don’t think there is much to worry about. Think of all the unoriginal, unfunny, formulaic crap that Hollywood puts out with production values and hype through the roof that becomes wildly popular or has at least decent sales (supposedly Cloverfield wasn’t all it was put up to be, but I’m just speaking from reviews, not from experience). I think Plumiferos can ride on its technical originality even if its not going to be able to do it on its plot.

Maybe they should hire Sago and co. for the script?

Man that’s unkind, the guy’s at Plumifero’s have worked long & hard both towards the movie, the script & the development of Blender.
They are a wonderfully talented team & deserve more respect than to be dissed over a trailer.
The sheer quality of craftsmanship that has gone into this is enormous.
Shiny new full feature made with Blender, that’s what I’ll be looking at.
I might take notice of the script the 3rd or fourth time I watch it.

I think that the movie is intended for childs in general, so, thinking about the movies that were released here in Argentina, i think that it’ll be interesting (technical stuff and story). Here there’s lack of good stories in general, so i got a lot of examples of what i say (if you take a sneak peek of animation movies released here las two years maybe you shoud not believe that ;)), so, back to Plumiferos, i think that has an obvious story, maybe, but the well designed characters, scenarios, and all other stuff will take care of it. And i think that it’ll reach to a public that will enjoy the enormous work of the team. I just think that start a project like that, in any part of the world, is just crazy. I really admire that.

PS: here we talk in spanish; in Brazil it’s portuguese.

the show is not really my cup of tea, but if I was younger I am sure I would have enjoyed it.

I am going to watch it anyways, because I am a Blender 3D fanboy :smiley: The bird models look very nice in my opinion :smiley:

I don’t know if you can judge an entire movie by its trailer…anyway it’s for kids, who are usually more forgiving than adults.

So basically you’ve seen the synopsis and the trailer, or some form of a preliminary script. This is hardly enough to issue an informed opinion, so can you at least wait 'til the film is out so your comments are less of a reflection on your opinion-forming process?

Yeah, because I so want to see a masked bluebird with uneven teeth, smirks and elbows you

Although we have to remember that this movie is being “filmed” in Brazilian (or whatever they speak there, is it Spanish?)

Geography should make it obvious that they speak Dragonese, but that they’ll sadly eat each other before they’re done with the film.

The problem is that you are comparing Plumiferos to something from Pixar…
Think in Barbie movies and you’ll see lots of improvements right away :wink:

Pixar guys have hundreds of specialized persons working for 5 years on a movie, they create new standards and new tecnology.
The Plumiferos Team are about 20 persons(don’t know the exact nunber), with low budget and insane limitations.
It’s not as good as Pixar, but if you think in the trailer as a short animation, it still is one of the best made with Blender and it will be the First Full lenght movie ever made in Blender.
In my opinium they are DOING a great job :yes:

I think it looked dame good if you ask me, although I have a hard time with anything other than American humor sometimes.

And I don’t think every commercial company does a great job, I mean c’mon has anybody seen Disney & Pixars a Bee movie? far as I’m concerned someone fucked up cause my daughter wouldn’t even watch that one…

bee movie is dreamworks not pixar.

i think these guys are doing a great job; think of elephants dream and how long it took to make 10 minutes of footage.
these guys are making a whole feature film, cmon!
plus the balancing act between quality and quantity isnt always easy…
be fair :slight_smile:


… I knew that…REALLY… … i did.

Pixar has cornered the animation industry… which is hilarious. I mean, EVERY cg movie that comes out is a Pixar movie. My family and friends who are not as psychotically into animation as I am… every CG film is made by Pixar. “Hey, let’s go see that new Pixar flick!!” “SHRECK IS NOT PIXAR, GOD DAMMIT!!!”

Yeah lots of laughs, those guys…

I’ll see Plumiferos. I mean, i like the idea that it was made in Blender with a small team and blah blah. Technically it’s not amazing, but yeah it should be fun to see it. Hell, i don’t even need a reason to see it, i just goto everything that’s animated. Too bad they probably won’t get a theatrical release outside their own country (or at least continent… but then, who knows…). If i had the chance to see it on a big screen? You bet your ass I’d pay to go see it.

It’s not unkind, it’s valuable feedback.

You don’t get better by being treated like kids and being told everything you do is fantastic and flawless.

Obviously the people working on this are experienced users of blender. They are not, however, experienced script /story writers. I’d have more respect for someone to tell me their true opinions on my material than to act like a stupid fanboy sheep.

I’d hate to see you as a critic in a newspaper article. "all films 100% flawless, fantastic! "

 So basically you've seen the synopsis and the trailer, or some form of a preliminary script. This is hardly enough to issue an informed opinion, so can you at least wait 'til the film is out so your comments are less of a reflection on your opinion-forming process?

If the only thing we have is trailers, then one can freely comment based on that trailer. Since advertising is somewhat more important than the film in itself to some regards, since its there to generate interest and produce sales I’d say using the trailer is a perfect example to judge a film before it’s realeased. Ontop of the fact trailers show most of best parts of a film, purly for the fact of generating interest, then a trailer is a prime example of the film.

Additionally, trailers are generally made near the end, or when the film is finished filming and is in the post processing stages. If you bothered to look at it you’d see that the ammount of footage in there would be a safe bet that very little will change with the story otherwise they’d be re-doing the whole thing.

Besides, it’s only an opinion. Hopefully they wont drop dead over the shock of not being as elite as everyone else thinks they are. Grow some balls people.

i just goto everything that’s animated.

LOL:D i understand perfectly!!!

OK - this is exactly the response I expected. As I said I think it’s fantastic that such a film is being made. The CG is clearly up to Pixar standards, and yes, I’m judging the film off what I can see of it. Maybe it just needs a better translation, I dunno. I don’t think I shouldn’t be allowed to crit the project.

You are allowed to crit the project, it’s just the basis for your crit is slightly off target.
The Script for the trailer, is not the entire script for the movie, just a small snapshot done, I think about a year ago.
It has taken Plumiferos 2 years, probably more close to 3 years to work on the movie.
The main reason I posted the way I did is I think, until it is finished, it is best to reserve judgment.

You really think kids are forgiving? :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the movie, I’m reserving judgement until I can speak Portugese, which is never. I’ve learnt better than to trust translations. Goes double when jokes are involved.

I had doubts of this movie when I saw the trailer but when I saw what one of the animators of that movie did just for a test on the animation forum. I was very impressed. It was as good as an animation could get. So I think the movie has great potential.

His animation was like one year after the trailer. So the movie animation wise will be top notch. I bet that the peach branch will help them as their branch helped peach.

That the movie takes time to make proves that they won’t settle for lesser then best.

edit: found the animation. Here.