Dissolve edge doesn't give the expected result

Hi pls check my images, i want to dissolve an edge ( close to the small dotted rectangle) , but the ressult is not perfect L shape. Is it normal behaviour ? can i get the sharp corner as indicated in that red dotted line ? well, i’m not doing anything, i don’t have any purpose. I’m just curious …why is it like that?


Use dissolve faces instead. That will leave the vert where it is, but get rid of the unwanted edge.

But yeah, dissolve edge will also dissolve any verts that would otherwise be left with only two connected edges. It’s handy when cleaning up mesh because you don’t have to go through it again to clean up the verts.

you can also try selecting those face and joining them using alt+j…

Once you dissolve the edge, check the operator panel and uncheck ‘dissolve verts’. Unfortunately, it doesn’t remember the setting so you need to do that every time where the vert is not shared by another edge. In your case, it can rebridge the two outer verts by making that triangle.