Dissolve edges...

I notice that sometimes when I dissolve unwanted edges from a face, the Face Loop Cut function stops working for that face. It doesn’t seem to always happen so I’m assuming there’s some technique here?

No, nothing?

Loop Cut works on quads only. If you have faces with 3 or >4 sides it won’t work.

Note also that the tutorials forum is for COMPLETED tutorials ONLY, not for asking support questions. Why do you think there are all the other support forums split into different subjects !

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So I guess my next question would be, what am I supposed to do with 3 sided faces?

Just use knife.

You have to make sure everything is in quads in your mesh, especially the area you want to loop cut. You can achieve this by using knife tool, or if you have extra vertices/edges, it might be easier to just snap+merge them to the closest vertices. I find the latter easier

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Theres some tutorial on how to correct meshes, topology, theres a tons in fact .

An old one who have the merit to show some practical case in video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_S1INdEmdI

I had some other who was show well the technics who can be used ( add knife cut, remove edges ,merges, separate, meshes flow etc ). But cant put my hand on them right now.

Note, tris are not allways a problem, but effectively if you need use loop cut, you need to have quads, hence why it is preferable to try create and conserve a clean topology from the start ( something who is not allways possible if you use scanned object or object who are exported . )

Anyway, one page who is offtly posted here and can be really helpfull ( and show how some basic shape can ask for some work for correct right meshes flow ) http://topology-guides.tumblr.com/