hey all i know lightwave can disolve a link of verts and wonderd if/how can blender do it?


If i only knew what “disolve a link of verts” means…

If its what I think it is (remove a vertex loop) no. You have to select the vertex loop, delete it and then add the faces again. There is a python script that can help you add the faces again – “Skin Vertex Loop / Loft Multiple”


oh ok :frowning:
got a link to the script?

Its included with the program. scripts window->scripts->mesh menu


Ewww… you seriously recommend someone to use Python scripts? Nasty :wink:

/me remembers the notorious “Python error: Check console” nightmare… :wink:

Just tried exactly that script, guess what I got? Right.

“Python error: Check console” :wink:

Ewww… you seriously recommend someone to use Python scripts? Nasty :wink:

The python scripts that come with blender itself always worked perfectly for me in both linux and windows. There is obviously something wrong with your setup.


Yeah, hehe. Of course! My setup is totally unstable! And this is entirely related to my setup:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 534, in ?
File “<string>”, line 468, in reorderCircularVLoops
IndexError: list index out of range


That obviously is an error in the script or the way you apply it (ie. the error checking isn’t good). If you don’t find the scripts useful don’t use them. I find that they can save considerable amounts of time on occasion.
This is the situation described in the post. A loop of verts has been removed:

After running the script


Yes Greybeard, that’s what I wanted to say - the error checking definitely isn’t good :slight_smile: A “Python error - check console” is about the same as a Blender segfault (crash), and should never happen.

Now if it said “Please select vertices foo and bar” instead, I would be happy :slight_smile: