Dissolving multiple faces into one?

How do I make four faces dissolve into one face?

Convert TriFaces to QuadFace : Select Faces and Jkey or ALT+J
but there is restrictions !!!

Another way is to delete innerVertex, select OutlinedVertex and MakeFace (Fkey or SHIFT+F for more than 4 vertex)
There is other methode too…

Using Script Ph_BandGlue.py (find it on google)

NGone, yes (but fake)

and :wink: think your project before you begin !

:-? :-? :-? :-? :-?
I selected all the vertezx points that surround each of the four faces and pressed alt J but nothing happened, they were still four seperate faces.
They didn’t merge into one face. :< :< :< :< :<

impossible. for now. this is n-gon stuff.
because if you make 4 face in one. you’ll get like 8 vertice for one face. and in that case it is not an advantage.

as lod said you have to press f key but this is only in beta testing version.

Maybe you could post a screen shot of the problem faces?

One thing to keep in mind, Blender doesn’t support ngons, so your faces have to have 3 or 4 sides, no more.

There’s the pic.
So anyone have a suggestion?
This could really stop me from using Blender as I can easily do this in Wings3D.
but Blender is much more powerful and .X exportation and an animation feature.[/img]

I think this is going to be possible in 2.35 once F-gons are in. Then you can combine the faces into a single F-gon if coplaner as said in the release notes.

When will 2.35 be released, will it be soon?

November is when it most likely comes out.

That sucks.
I’m going to have some trouble modelling heads for my characters then.

Does anyone know how I could make a neck for this then?

Just select the 9 verts and extrude – whats the problem?


I’ll post what happens later because it messes up when I try that.

practice, practice - there is little you can’t do in blender.

I’d advise not giving up on Blender so easily. Its a lot more powerful than many people give it credit for. Anywhere you find a limitation, half the time it turns out there are alternate ways to do it. my point is, if you are making a head, you don’t need a big face on the base of the neck.
Anyways, about your question:
its just something close to your original model, and then
I show the extrusion of those 4 faces(make sure you are in front view or side view… extrusion doesn’t work along the axis of view). you then scale the extruded points down toform the neck. With a few extra extrudes and some vertex moving you get a head. I don’t see why you need to join the faces into one big 8-sided face


there is little you can’t do in blender

truest statement ever.

I’m not giving up in fact, I’ve still been going at it trying to add a neck and a head, I guess I’m too used to the way you “sculpt” in Wings rather than the way things work in most 3D modeling programs.
Thanks for the suggestions.

By the way when you said one giant 8 sided face I wanted the four squares to be one giant square, that’s 4 sides, because I could make a neck and face easily then.

Hello? Could some one suggest an alternate plan, I tried the guy who showed me an example but when I subsurfed it looked, pleh!