Dissolving Text

I have never attempted this before because it is so cpu intensive. This render was 15 minutes a frame with 1000 samples and full global illumination at 1920x1080 30fps.

I get some odd zipper looking lighting artifacts on the edge of the K. Not sure why that is happening. This is all done with a particle system and the explode modifier. Basically followed along with this tut, but I was using Cycles so it was a bit different and I went off on a tangent a bit. I could not figure out how to fade the particles out like they do in the tut with cycles. I tried adding another transparent material and setting the particle age to the factor of the mix node, but that had no effect. I just blew them out of frame instead.

Tell me how I could have made this better and how to fix any problems you see. I tried adding motion blur then Vector blur but the motion blur crashed blender every single time and the vector blur added blurring where nothing was moving. I couldn’t get the vector blur to work.


Tut I “followed”