Distance between Fluid and Obstacle

Hello Blenderguys,

I am testing out the fluid simulations in Blender. I made a cup and wanted to fill it with water. The water flows in but it has a really big distance to the obstacle :confused:. How can I stop that? I tried everything, but it doesn’t seem to have a setting for that.

What can I do?

here is my file: fluidundglas.blend (466 KB)

(sorry for my bad english, I am from switzeland)

You will always have a gap but should be less with higher domain resolution. To get no gap you will have to fake it. Use one object for baking the fluid but another one for your render which is slightly smaller in size so it matches the surface of the fluid.
EDIT: Also reset the scale values for all your objects to 1 using Ctrl+A / scale while in object mode.

ok i will do that. Do you know if the developers will fix that?