Distant objects dissappear

Forgive me if this is elementary, and/or answered elsewhere. I checked the manuals, and ran some searches here and couldn’t find an answer. I am, afterall, a noob.

I’m attempting to model a scene with a figure in the foreground and mountains in the distance. I drew a basic figure, then I drew a mountain off in the distance. I placed my camera, and hit 0 to go to camera-view. I can see the figure just fine, but no mountain. I move the mountain closer, and closer and closer…until finally I can see part of the mountain, and at this point its way too close. I get the same thing when I perform a render.

Is there some “Render Distance” setting that I don’t know about? Do we have some other technique for handling distant objects (like rendering seperately and then smushing them together in GIMP) ?

select your camera and adjust the ‘clip end’, in the edit buttons.

That worked.